Friday 9/21

Warm-up High Knees/ Butt Kicks x 2 sets

Over the Hurdle/Toe Walking

Heel Walking/Lunge with Reach

Lunge w/Rotation/Kick Backs

Inchworm + Cobra x 5 reps


Hollow Rock x 20

Mini Band Glute Bridge x 20

Side Plank Rotation x 10/side

Mini Band Fire Hydrant x 10/side

Hollow Rock x 20


Movement Progression Strength Clean DL + Hang Clean + Jerk

working on these for 12-15 minutes

starting from an empty barbell and hitting 1 rep every 60-90 seconds focusing on the the barbell path in the clean and strong OH catch in the jerk Metcon (Time) For time:

400m run

12 Hang Squat Clean to OH, 115/80

400m run

9 Hang Squat clean to OH, 115/80

400m run

6 Hang squat clean to OH, 115/80

400m run

3 Hang squat clean to OH, 115/80 Extra Work 1) Lifting

A. Power Snatch from blocks @ mid thigh; work to a moderate single

B. Power Snatch @ 60% of "A" for 10 singles; completed OTM

2) Hand over hand sled drag x 200’ @ 3×45, 2×35 x 3 sets Power Snatch (build to a mod. single from blocks (knee height)) #workoutoftheday