Friday 9/28

Warm-up Cat Camel x 10

Half Frog T-spine Rotation x 10/side

Lunge Complex x 2/side


Mini Band Side Plank Clam Shells x 10/side

Mini Band Fire Hydrants x 10/side

Mini Band Glute Bridge x 20 + 20 in/out


Deadbug x 10/side *hold KB over Chest

RNT Split Squat X 10/side * hold KB at Chest

x 2-3 sets Strength A.1: Back Squat (5x4, Tempo 5xx1) A.2: Ring Rows (5x8-10, Tempo 3022) Feet elevated if you can Metcon (Time) For Time:

25 K2E

50 Push Press, 95,65

50 Burpees

50 Back Squat, 95/65

25 K2E Extra Work 1) Lifting

A. Power Clean; build to a moderate, snappy single

B. Hang power Clean @ 65% of "A" for 3 TnG reps OtM x 8 minutes. Work on long cycles and "bop"

2) Accessory

A1. Weighted back ext. x 10×3 sets

A2. Pendlay row @ 3020 tempo x10 x 3 sets Power Clean Hang Power Clean Weighted Back Extensions (3x10) Pendlay Row (3x10 @ 3020 Tempo )