Friday Fitness Mickleton

Strength Start of 4th cycle - Low volume / deload- This past microcycle (Day 1-6) was difficult. Feel free to modify this next microcycle as needed to make it easier / feel like you’re recovered for the following cycle. Front Squat (3x5) -@50, 60, 70% of 1 rep max (should be fast and easy

-Calf Foam Roll between sets x 10 rolls / side Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 12 minute AMRAP

10 calorie row

12 total lateral box split jump (14-20'')

14 wall balls (20/14)

*DONT GO HEAVIER ON THE WALLBALLS Extra Work a: Barbell Front Rack Calf Raise ( 3 x 10 tempo 20X0) b: Weighted Step-ups (3 x 6/side tempo 20X0) *14-20” box

*barbell on back C: Glute-Ham Raises (3 x 6) *add load if able #workoutoftheday