Friday Gymnasty Fun!

Skill 8 minute AMRAP for skill

Ring Support (jump to hold for 3 seconds) x5

Hollow arch Rolls x 3/side
-emphasis on hollow- 3 sec hollow hold with each roll

Strict Butterfly Circles x 4
- Focus on PERFECT hollow and arch position and moving through the core Strength Alternate exercises every 90 seconds A.1: Weighted Pull-ups (4x7) *assist with bands or feet as needed

*full stretch at the bottom of the pull-up

*add weight if able

*attempt to maintain hollow position throughout A.2: Weighted Dips (4x7) *assist with feet as needed

*add weight if able Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 15 Minute AMRAP

8 V-ups

10 calorie row

12 pushups

14 split jumps Extra Work a: Kettlbell Windmill (3x10/side ) b: Wall Walk (3x2-3 reps) *10 second float in handstand at top

*Maintain midline c: Banded Tricep Push Down (3x25 tempo 20X0) #workoutoftheday