Happy Thursday!


4 sets:

30 second Assault Bike (increase pace with each set)

6 Single Arm Landmine Press/arm

8 Banded Face pulls Strength

Today we are going to do two seperate strengths. We are going to do a horizonal press and a vertical pull. For the bench press, I want you to incline it on three 45 lb plates. Pick a weight you can do all 4 sets at and keep the tempo. Check what you did last week to help guide you for this week. The ring pull-up should be challenging but make sure you only do the full version if you have proper positioning! A: Incline Bench Press (4x8; tempo 21X1)

*Sets will begin every 2 minutes

*All working sets should be at the same weight and challenging. B: Ring Pull Up (4x4-5 reps; tempo 21X2)

*Sets begin every 90 seconds.

*If this is too easy, pull chest to rings.

*If this is too challenging, perform a ring row, however, I want feet inclined to a position were 3-4 reps is very challenging

Today we are going to do a max effort work out. This one might get a little uncomfortable! Don't be afraid of hard work here. Your score is going to be total reps for each round. During your rest/walk you can add them in Wodify. The weight for the clean and jerks should be a lighter weight for you. You should be able to cycle them pretty well and for most not drop with in the 30 seconds. :) Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3 Sets @ Max Effort

30 Seconds Max Rep Clean and Jerk (95/63)

Rest 10 Seconds

30 Seconds Max Burpees Over Barbell

Rest 10 Seconds

30 Seconds Max Calorie Row

Rest/Walk 4 Minutes Extra Work

4 Rounds:

10 Ring Kipping Swings, Towel Between Feet

60 Second Wall Facing Handstand Hold

Rest 60 Seconds #workoutoftheday