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Notes This is the start of cycle 4 which is low volume (deload) in our 4 cycle wave. This is a

week of recovery. If your body has been beat up over the past few weeks now would be the

time to take it easier during training. Next cycle we’ll start introducing olympic lifting and

squatting (yay!) into our strength work. Take it easier this week so we can attack next cycle with

some intensity. Strength Front Rack Reverse Lunge Steps (3x8 tempo 20X0) wall to ankle dorsiflexion mobilization between sets x 15/side Metcon (5 Rounds for reps) EMOM 15 (5 rounds of each)

Minute 1: 30 seconds max heavy wall balls (30/20)

Minute 2: 30 seconds max heavy kettlebell swings (70/53)

Minute 3: 30 seconds max calorie row

Score is total reps each round Extra Work a: Single leg calf raise (3x4-6 reps tempo 33X0) knee bent slightly

load if able b: Single Leg Box Squat (3x8/side tempo 20X0) box height above parallel

load if able c: Good Mornings (3x8 tempo 20X0) #workoutoftheday