July Member Spotlight, AL OCASIO

Hey HideOut Family! Get to know your July Member Spotlight Member of the month, Al Ocasio! Al has been with us for 1 year and brings so much light and laughter to each class he attends. He travels the world and works so hard, and we are so blessed to have him at HideOut. Al, I want to stamp my passport with you! DO YOU HAVE ANY NICKNAMES? Alex WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Miami HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING CROSSFIT? 1 Year WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO CROSSFIT HIDEOUT? Got bored going to gym. WHAT CLASSES DO YOU USUALLY ATTEND? 5:30 pm classes WHAT DO YOU DO OUTSIDE OF CROSSFIT? Love to play golf WHAT IS ONE THING WE MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU? Enjoy traveling. Traveled to 39 countries. WHAT IS YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? Whale WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CROSSFIT MOVEMENT? Back squats WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT IN CROSSFIT SO FAR? Helping build stamina to go for a run 3 times a week. WHAT IS ONE SHORT TERM GOAL & LONG TERM GOAL? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO CRUSH THOSE GOALS? Short Term- Run 5K, Longterm - Run four 5Ks in a year. Running on crossfit off days WHAT MOTIVATES AND INSPIRES YOU? My family motivates and inspires me. WHAT IS ONE TIP YOU WOULD GIVE SOMEONE NEW TO CROSSFIT HIDEOUT? Just keep at it and you will see the results. #MainBlog