Monday's Fresh Start

Skill AMRAP 8 minutes for skill (Don’t rush through the movements, focus on solid positioning throughout)

Kick to handstand or Press to Wall x 3-4 reps

Hollow / Arch Rolls x 4/direction

Bar Kipping x 5-7
- Start with small kips and progress

- Focus on perfect hollow / arch position and moving through the core

-Progress to rings if you can Strength A.1: Kipping Pull-ups (3 x 6-10) A.2: Kipping Handstand Push-up (3x6-10) *If unable to perform 3 strict HSPU Metcon (Calories) EMOM - 16 total minutes (4 rounds)

Minute 1: 15/12 calorie row (or :45 seconds)

Minute 2: 3-5 Wall Walks

Minute 3: 30-50 Double Unders (RX+ 50 reps)

Minute 4: Hanging L-raise x 5-10

Score is total calories Extra Work a: Turkish Get Up (3 x 3/side) b: Handstand Wall Floats (3x5 floats ) *hold each float for 5 seconds c: Ring Dip (3 x 8) *1 second pause at top and bottom of dip #workoutoftheday