Monday Fresh Fitness Start

Strength Today we are going to do 5 sets of 1 at 90% and above. I don't want you to go max effort here as we are going to go 100% next cycle. Make sure your form is solid! Snatch (5 x 1 > 90% of 1 rep max snatch) *Next cycle we’re going for 100% effort

*Posterior hip rocks x 5 reps / side between sets of snatch Metcon (Weight) 15 minute EMOM (5 rounds of each):

Minute 1: 7 power snatches @ ~50% of weight used for snatch (try for touch and go)

Minute 2: 14 heavy wall balls (30/20) (RX+ 20 reps)

Minute 3: 32 double unders (RX+ 50 double unders)

*RX+ 21 minute EMOM (7 total rounds)

*Adjust weights to keep strong technique and to finish within the minute time caps

each round

*Score is weight on snatch Extra Work a: Barbell Curl (3x15 tempo 20X0) *Palms up b: Handstand Lateral Walk (3 x 10-15 steps / direction) *Perform wall facing if able, if uncomfortable perform facing away from wall c: Snatch Grip RDL (3 x 7 tempo 20X0) #workoutoftheday