Strength Sumo Deadlift (build to a heavy set of 3 ) *Work up to a heavy set of 3 which represents about an 9/10 intensity

* Perform another 3 x 1 @95% of the weight just used on your heaviest set --Elevate the weight 3-5 inches off the floor (1 plateish)

*Focus on fast reps with perfect technique

*Prayer Twist between sets x 3 / side Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) As many rounds as possible in 26 minutes of:

8 deadlifts (conventional) @ 40-50% of load used during deadlifts

10 burpees over bar

12 calories assault bike

40 double unders Extra Work a: Walking Single Leg Deadlift (3 x 8 /side) b: V-up (3x10-15) c: Banded Side Bridge Clam/Reverse Clam (3x10-15) Start movement in slight pelvic posterior tilt and lumbar spine flexion #workoutoftheday