Saturday 11/18

Strength Today we are going to do horizontal push/vertical pull in opposite of yesterday. For the bench press, the weight should be the same for all working sets. I want you to take 5 minutes to work up to your working weight. A: Incline Bench Press (4x10; Tempo 21X1) Every 2 Minutes x 4 Sets (8 Minutes)

10 Reps w/ 21X1 Tempo @ Challenging Load B: Ring Pull Up (4x5-6; Tempo 21x2) Every 90 Seconds x 4 Sets (6 Minutes)

5-6 reps w/ 21X2 Tempo

If you can pull to your chest do it. If you cannot do a ring pull-up do ring rows but make sure they are challenging! Metcon Today we are going to do a grinder workout. The goal is 25-30 minutes of work here. I want you to use a weight for the push press that you can complete 8-12 reps at a time. To modify the double unders you can cut the reps or complete single unders (100 SU + 15 burpees) Metcon (Time) 4 Rounds:

25 DB Push Press (35/25)

50 Calorie Row

100 Double Unders Accessory Work 3 Rounds:

15 Second Ring Support Hold

10/Side Wall Facing Shoulder Taps

Rest 60 Seconds #workoutoftheday