Saturday 9/28

Warm-up 200m Run


Mini Band psoas march x 10/side

Lateral banded step overs @ knee height x 10/side

x 2 sets


Quadruped Hip Extention x 10

Hollow Rock x 10 + :10 second Hollow hold

Banded Good morning x 15

x 2 sets Strength A.1: Clean Grip Deadlift (3x3 tempo 4020) A.2: Trap 3 Raise (3x10/side) Metcon (Time) Teams of 2:

800m Run

30 Hang Power Clean, 135/93

1k Row

27 Hang Power Clean, 135/93

800m Run

24 Hang Power Clean, 135/93

For the run, P1 runs 200m while P2 hold barbell in front rack position then switch. For the row P1 rows 250m while P2 holds barbell in front rack position then switch.

For the cleans, one person works on the clean and the other must be holding a HS hold against the wall or a plank on their ground.

RX+ 165/113 Extra Work 1) Gymnastics Work

Warm up: circular scap pull ups x10 reps each direction x 2 sets

A1. 30 second hang from rings x 3 sets

A2. 20 second ring support hold x 3 sets

A3. 10 second bottom ring dip hold (as low as possible) x 3 sets

B. Inch worms on super sliders x5 reps x 3 sets

**start in plank position and slide feet in as far as possible on toes

**walk hands back out to plank and repeat

**should be done very slowly, with almost all pressure on hands pressing into floor

C. Kipping high hip ring pull ups x4-6 reps x 3-4 sets

**Goal is to get rings as close to hips as possible

**However, focus on smooth reps over height

D. 10ft HS walk + 10ft backward HS walk x4-5 sets OR 100 plank shoulder taps (50 per arm) #workoutoftheday