Saturday 9/8

Warm-up High Knees/Butt Kicks

Lateral Shuffle/Back Pedal

Power Skip/Toy Solider

Reverse Hamstring/Quad Stretch


2 sets

DB Strict Press x 10 tempo 30X1 *hold top for :10-:15 seconds on last rep

Renegade Row x 5

Single arm Plank x :15-:20/side Strength A.1: Bent Over Row (4x10) A.2: Shoulder Press (4x 8-10 ) Metcon (Time) Teams of 2 must complete the following:

900m run

50 Pull-ups (while partner holds a handstand)

900m row

35 HSPU (while partner holds chin over barbell)

900m run

20 C2B Pull-ups (while partner holds dip support on rings)

Teams must run together, and row together. Extra Work 1) Gymnastics + Midline

A1. 30 second hang from rings x 3 sets

A2. 20 second ring support hold x 3 sets

A3. 10 second bottom ring dip hold (as low as possible) x 3 sets

B1. Kipping ring pull ups x3 + kipping ring muscle up x1 rep x 3-4 sets

B2. Freestanding HS hold x10-20 seconds x 3-4 sets

**use spotter if you need to

D. Russian twist x25 reps rest 60 x2 (slow, weighted and heavy)


10 second hollow hold + 5 hollow rocks + 10 second hollow hold

rest 30

10 second arch hold + 5 arch rocks + 10 second arch hold

rest 30

x4-5 sets #workoutoftheday