See you guys on Tuesday!

We will miss you guys! Have a great weekend :) Strength Strength time cap is 15 minutes A.1: Push Press (3x6 tempo 30X0) -Don't forget the 3 second slow lower

-Don't rest the bar in front rack between reps A.2: Single Arm Ring Row (3x10 tempo 20X0) Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 20 Minute partner AMRAP

20 meter sled drag

20 meter bear crawl

20 meter kettlebell famers carry

*alternate each round

*score is amount of rounds you get as a team

*10m= 1 rep for all exercises Extra Work a: Kettlebell Press (3x12 tempo 30X0 ) *3 second lower b: Weighted Pull-ups (3x6 ) -1 second pause at top and bottom of pull-up (normal speed of descent and raise)

-Load if able

-Unload with feet on box or bands

-Maintain hollow position throughout

*NO KIPPING! c: Dumbbell External Rotation (3x12 tempo 20X0) - Prone @ 90 degrees #workoutoftheday