September Health Challenge

Dear HideOut Family, We are pumped to announce our 2nd partner health challenge starting September 25th and ending October 24th. Each participant will choose a partner to enter the challenge with. Each partner will throw $20 into a community “pot” for the winners to take. Why another partner challenge? For a few reasons. 1) CrossFit is about community and helping each other achieve goals 2) to help keep everyone accountable, 3) and because of the ENORMOUS success of the past one. So grab a buddy and sign up today! What will this challenge consist of? This challenge is going to be a little different than the ones in the past. We are not going to do a “Whole 30” challenge. We are going to add in a few different items that will be allowed. The reason for this because I think it will allow us to stay on track with our diet after the challenge ends. Nutrition Point system(150 points): You’ll start your day with 5 points and deduct 1 point for each serving of non-compliant foods you consume. Exercise you will get 5 points a day for coming to a CrossFit class at CrossFit HideOut. This is capped at 5 classes/week. The week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. If you are out of state and want to get credit for travel workouts e-mail for approved travel WOD’s. % Body Weight Lost: You must weigh in on the 25th and weigh out on October 24th. These must be done at the gym with a coach present. No exceptions. *Optional Measurements (before and after) will be available by appointment. Skin-fold body fat measurement, blood pressure, HR, body weight, and waist circumference Hydration(150 points)- Hydration will equal 5 points a day. The amount of water you will need to consume is ounces of water equal to your body weight (in pounds) divided by 3. Social Media(30 Points) - You must post a challenge related post once a day for up to 5 days a week. This will be 1 point a day. The hashtag that you must use is #hideoutheathchallenge. The forms of social media that will be acceptable are FaceBook or Instagram. Bonus Points 1) Pot luck dinner/nutrition talk (Sept 29th 7-8pm) 10 points: We will be hosting a pot luck dinner on the 29th from 7-8pm. This will be the time that we can answer any questions you might have about the challenge and also get some idea of some meals from other members. 2) In-house Competition (October 21st 8:30am-Noon): 20 points- We will be doing an in-house competition to finish out our challenge. Details will be announced closer to the date but expect the unexpected! Make-up points if you cannot attend the in-house or potluck/nutrition talk will be announced at a later date. We will also be adding in a few Lifestyle Challenge notes throughout the challenge, for you to tackle personally only if it’s something you’re interested in. These will be small actions you can implement to help improve your life. It could be something like, “Meditate for 5 minutes each day for 7 days”. If it is something that benefits you, you can add it into your everyday life even after the challenge. Or it could simply be something along the lines of organizing your closet. An idea to add weekly practices to help you feel more connected and happier :) Ready, set, go! Abby and Dana :) #MainBlog