Sunday 9/2

Warm-up Teams of 4 Relay style

10 Wallballs

5 Burpees to a target

10 Sit ups

5 burpees to a target

x 3 sets Strength Today you can do this or take 10-15 minutes to make up a stregnth from the week. A.1: Push Press (4x3 Tempo 30X1) all @ same weight A.2: Ring Rows (4x8-10 ) feet elevated if possible Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) Teams of 2:


75 double unders

200m sled drag, 2x45's, 1x45's

100m farmers walk , 55/35#

*Break up anyway you want

*1 Double under is one rep, 2 single unders is one rep,

200m is 200m for sled is 2 reps (100m is one) 100m for farmer carry is 2 reps (50m is one) #workoutoftheday