Sunday 9/30

Warm-up On a 15:00m Clock

1:30 bike or row (increase effort from smoothe to hard each round)

15 Moderate-light Double DB Ground to OH (can increase wt as warm up)

10 Renegade Rows (no push up)

5 Push-ups

5 DB Step-up/down burpees (no push-up) Strength Today we are going to have 12-15 minutes of jerk skill work working on foot postitioning, proper dip drive, and solid lockouts. If you want to make up a strength from earlier on in the week then feel free to do that. Split Jerk Metcon (Time) Team of 2:

4 Rounds

25 Bench Press, 135/93

400m Sled Drag, 1x 45#/ 1x25# #workoutoftheday