Thirsty Thursday

Strength Today we are going to test our double kettlebell front rack carry for 100 ft. We are going to partner or triple you guys up so we can all use the proper equipment. Remember for these carries- position is most important. I want you to make sure you are keeping a neutral spine throughout the entire carry. The additional load directly on your chest will create a respiratory challenge as well so do you best to stay calm and breath while walking and bracing. If you feel it in your lower back you might need to adjust your position or go down in weight. A: Double Kettlebell Front Rack Carry (4x100' rest 1-2 minutes bewteen ) Metcon Today we are going to do a partner workout that consists of some stability and grunt work. Try to push the weight on the sled and the pace on the bike. The 1-arm farmer + 1-arm KB waiters carry should be controlled! In this workout one partner will complete one full round while the other is resting then you will switch. Make sure you note your partner and your time both partners completed 4 sets today . Metcon (Time) Partner Style- One person completes a full rounds then the other goes.

4 Sets (8 Total Sets):

50'/Side 1-Arm KB Farmer + 1-Arm Farmer KB Waiter Carry, Heavy

50' Reverse Sled Drag, Heavy

20/15 Calorie Assault Bike, Tough Effort Cash-out This is to be done as a group after the metcon! Side Plank (3 x 20 Seconds/Side, Rest 20 Seconds) #workoutoftheday