Thrusday Fitness

Strength Today we are going to do a super set between close-grip bench press and single arm 3-point DB row. I want you to take one or two warm-up sets to find your working set then get right to work. This part of the class should take around 15 minuntes. Try to look in wodify to see what you did in the past so you can have an idea of where you should be. Make sure you stick to the tempo for both exercises. A.1: Close-Grip Bench Press (4 x 10 reps, Rest 1 Minute; 3112 Tempo) A.2: Single Arm 3-Point DB Row (4 x 10 reps/side, Rest 1 Minute; 3112 Tempo) Metcon Today we are going to do some interval weight training work. I want you to choose a weight and a HS progression where you can go unbroken ( or nearly in broken) for all sets. The run should be at a tough pace so push it here! Record your time it took you to do each round. Metcon (4 Rounds for time) 4 Sets:

10 Hang Power Clean (115/73)

10 Handstand Push-ups

400m Run @ 90-95%

Rest 90 Seconds Extra Work 4 Sets:

10 Reps Tall Kneeling Banded Y's

Rest 30 Seconds

30 Reps Banded Tricep Pressdown

Rest 60 Seconds