Thursday 11/2

Strength Every 3 Minutes x 4 Sets (12 Minutes):

Strict Pronated Pull-up x 6 reps (21X2 Tempo)

Rest 30 Seconds

Front Leaning Rest on Rings x 30 Seconds

Rest Remainder of Time

*Pull-up too easy? Add weight. Pull-up too hard? Add assistance via band. If you chose a weight, make sure you are able to do it for all 4 sets. We are not building here.

*There should be roughly 90 Seconds before starting next set. A.1: Strict Pull-up (4x6 tempo 21X2, Rest 30 Seconds) A.2: Front Lean Rest (4x30 seconds, Rest remainder of the time ) reps = seconds Metcon Todays going to be a challenging one. This one is designed to get you breathing. Make sure you pick a scale that will allow you to keep form for all the movements. The 400m run will be the run that is partially up hill (no 2x200m here). Metcon (Time) 4 Rounds:

400m Run

12 Def. Handstand Push-ups (4''/2'')

7 Bar Muscle Ups

*Scale for deficit is just regular HSPU, Pike HSPU or Seated DB Shoudler Press.

*BMU scale is double reps and do C2B Pull-up, Pull-up and Ring Row. (no bands here) Extra Work 3 Rounds:

20 Band Pull Aparts

30 Seconds Ring Row Hold

Rest 60 Seconds