Thursday Gainz

Strength Today we are going to try something a little different then our traditional strength. We are going to do the following:

Touch and Go Squat Clean 3 x 5 >75%

Push Jerks (from rack) 3 x 5 >75%

Squat Clean and Power Jerk 2 x 5 >75%

Each new set starts every 90 seconds. Emphasis on fast barbell cycling. Technically clean reps without pausing in any position throughout the lifts. Squat Clean (3x5 >75% of 1RM) Push Jerk (3 x 5 >75%) *touch and go reps Clean and Jerk (2 x 5 >75%) *touch and go Metcon (Calories) Partner workout

14 minute AMRAP:

Partner A- 6 barbell power cleans

6 barbell thrusters

Partner B- Max calorie bike

*Barbell weight ~50% of weight used during cleans. Weight should be light enough to stay mostly unbroken throughout.

*score is total calories for team Extra Work a: Ring Kipping (3 x 5-7 reps) *These are kipping with a pull

*Emphasis on hollow / arch positioning (Move through core) b: Ring Dips (3x4-6 reps) *1 second pause in bottom of dip and 1 second pause in top (ring support position) c: Snatch Balance (3x3) #workoutoftheday