Thursday are for lifting!

Strength Sumo Deadlift (3x6 tempo 20X0) *Dead stop reps

*with 3 total sets >75% of 1RM

*Build to a heavy set of 6

*True hip flexor mobilization x5/side Metcon (Weight) Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes:

Minute 1: 5 calories on the assault bike (FAST)

Minute 2: 20 meter sled drag (backwards pull)

Minute 3: 20 meter farmer's walk (heavy)

*score is weight on top of sled Extra Work a: Kettlebell Lateral Lunge + Floor Tap (3x12/side) b: Inchworm (3x3-5) c: Yoke Carry (3x20 meters) #workoutoftheday