Tuesday's Jam

Strength Front Squat (3x5) *Work up to a heavy set of 5 (3 total heavyish sets) *Perform another 3 x 5 @90% of the weight just used on your heaviest set * Calf Foam Roll between sets x 10 rolls / side Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 3 total rounds of: 3 minutes ON - 2 minutes OFF (15 total minutes) "ON" AMRAP of: 14 wall balls 12 box jumps 10 calorie row "OFF" 2 minutes light jog *attempt to maintain the same number of rounds and reps for each AMRAP *Return to AMRAP in the same place you left off RX+: Perform 6 total sets Extra Work a: Barbell Front Rack Calf Raise (3x15 reps tempo 20X0) rest 60 seconds between sets b: Weighted Step-ups (3x10 tempo 20X0) *20-14'' box *Barbell Back Rack loaded c: Glute-Ham Raises (3x10) #workoutoftheday