Tuesday 1/30

Strength Push Press (Build to a 1RM in 15 minutes) rest 1-2 minutes between sets Metcon Today we are going to work on the push/push pull combo that CrossFit tends to pair up. For the scaling option for today, I want you to make sure you get in a push and a pull. For every muscle up, you will do 3 Ring Row/Pull-ups and 3 Dips/Push-ups. That means, 3+3 for 10 total reps. If you want to mix in some muscle ups for practice you can do that. Try to get them here. The open is close! Metcon (Time) For Time:

10 muscle-ups

25 thrusters, 75/55

1,000-meter row

25 thrusters, 75/55

10 muscle-ups Extra Work A.1: Ring Support (2x20 seconds) reps= seconds A.2: Single Arm 3-Point DB Row (2x10/side) rest 60 seconds #workoutoftheday