Tuesday 11/14

Strength Today we are going to do some upper body pressing work. We are going to do build up to a heavy set of 5 push press. Make sure these are push press and not jerks. I want you to focus on keeping a neutral spine and not hyperextending especially during the last reps. From there wer are going to do 3 deload sets at 90% of what you did for A. A: Push Press (Build to a 5RM) B: Shoulder Press (3x5@90% of A) Every 2 Minutes x 3 Sets (6 Minutes)

5 Reps @ 90% of Part A Metcon Max Aerobic Power Work: Today the owrkout is two movements: running and handstand push-ups. The run is going to be 2x200m run. The handstand push-up variations are going to be pike HSPU (feet on floor or on box) or l-seated Z press. The weight for the press should be tough for 5-8 reps. Metcon (3 Rounds for reps) 4 Sets:

3 Minute Clock:

400m Run

AMRAP Handstand Push-ups

Rest 1 Minute

*Should have 60-90 Seconds to accumulate reps! Extra Work 4 Rounds:

Ring Face Pull x 10 reps 2112 Tempo

30 Second Supinated Hang

Rest 60 Seconds #workoutoftheday