Tuesday 11/6

Strength Today we are going to Push/Pull for our strength. The bentover rows are to be done with a barbell. Each set will begin every 2 minutes. Make sure you choose a weight that you can perform the reps at the tempo prescribed. The goal of this is to engage the lats and the rhomboids to make sure your shoulders are in the correct position to feel these correctly. The second movement we are going to do is the tall kneeling Arnold press. These are performed from the knees and will help you keep your midline while pressing. The Arnold press will allow us to get some anterior shoulder recruitment as well as posterior shoulder recruitment. A: Bent Over Row (4x8 tempo 20X2) *These are done every 2 minutes B: Tall Kneeling Arnold Press (3x10 tempo 30X1) *These are done every 2 minutes Metcon (4 Rounds for reps) 4 Sets @ Max Effort (16 Minutes)

30 Seconds Slam Ball (30/20)

Rest 10 Seconds

30 Seconds Burpee, 6" Target

Rest 10 Seconds

30 Seconds Max Calorie Row

Rest/Walk 3 Minutes Extra Work A.1: Ring Dip (3x10 tempo 20x2) A.2: Batwing Hold (3x30 seconds; Rest 60 seconds) reps= seconds #workoutoftheday