Tuesday 9/4

Warm-up Banded hamstring Stretch x 20/side

Pec Stretch x5 /side

Deadbug x 10/side


2-3 Rounds

Pallof press x 10/side

Push up x 3 slow + 5 fast

KB RDL x 3 *SLOW REPS Strength A.1: Deadlift (4x2 @70-75% of 1RM, Tempo 40X1) These do not have to be touch and go. Good reps here. Set your back for each pull. A.2: Bench Press (4x6; Tempo 40X1) No percentage prescription here. Build to a moderate weight for a set of 6. A.3: Dumbbell External Rotation (4 x 8-10/side @ 6-10# db's or plates) Metcon Metcon (Time) 4 rounds

15 KB Swings, 55/35

15 Box Jumps, 24/20' (must step down) Extra Work 1) Lifting

Clean Pull + Hang Clean (knee) - 70% x (1+1) x 5

2) Midline

Ring Pike ups x 10

Ring Mountain Climbers x 20

Ring Plank Hold (on hands) x :20-30 seconds

rest as needed

x 3 rounds Hang Clean #workoutoftheday