Tuesday Fitness South Jersey

Notes ■We’re continuing to emphasize raw strength this cycle. We’ll be performing more max effort work with an emphasis on triples this week. For the main lifts (besides olympic lifts) the microcycles will go something like this:

■ Cycle 1: Work up to a heavy set of 3 reps (8/10 effort) then 3 sets of 3 at 90% load following

■ Cycle 2: Work up to a heavy set of 3 reps (9/10 effort) then 3 sets of 3 at 90% load following

■Cycle 3: Work up to a heavy set of 3 reps (10/10 effort as heavy aspossible) then 3 sets of 3 at 90% load following

■ Cycle 4: Deload

■ Continued emphasis on strict gymnastics introducing more dynamic gymnastics work

■Emphasis on strict strength, tempo, positional work

■ Straight sets for dynamic gymnastics (pull-ups, toes to bar, muscle-ups, HSPUs)

■ Increased emphasis on olympic lifting work

■ Working toward increasing our maxes

■ Working toward more olympic lifts under fatigue

■Accessory for strength is more specific to the olympic and power lifts.

■ More long met-cons to build aerobic base (I know these suck, we’ll be getting shorter

and more intense next macrocycle) Strength A.1: Push Press (build to a heavy set of 3) *Work up to a heavy set of 3 which represents about an 8/10 intensity (10/10 is the heaviest possible load you could lift

*Perform another 3 x 3 @90% of the weight just used on your heaviest set

*Record your heavy set of 3 then list your deload in the comments A.2: Ring Row (3 x 10) *No tempo

*Add loaded vest if able

*False grip Metcon For today's metcon try to focus on pushing the active recovery a bit- I don't want you to be barely moving here. Try to remember our goal is to be moving and still get our heart rate down. 4 minutes ON - 2 minutes OFF (4 total rounds - 24 total minutes)

3 minutes"ON"

7 Toes to bar

9 Dumbbell push press (40/25) (50/35)

11 Kettlebell swings

2 minutes "OFF" - light jog/row/bike

*Pick up where you left off

*Score is total rounds and reps Extra Work a: Wall Facing Handstand Push-up Variation (3 x 5 tempo 31X1) *3 second lower, 1 second pause in bottom, explosive press, 1 second pause at top

*Use hardest variation able with good technique b.: Strict Chest to Bar Pull-up (3x5) *Load if able

*Unload with feet on box or use bands

*Maintain hollow position throughout c.: Row with external rotation (3x10/side) *tempo 20X0

*lying prone on a bench do a 1 arm row then externally rotate #workoutoftheday