Wednesday 5/22

Warm-up Lax to Pec or Foam Roll x :30 seconds on each side

Pec Stretch x 5/side (look away when stretching)

Scapular push-up x 10

Wide Grip Scapular Push Up x 10


Banded Face pull x 20

Push-up x 5-10 (perfect position)

x 2 sets


20 Seal Jack

10 Medball bent over Slam

rest 30 seconds

x 3 sets

*be explosive here Strength We are going to keep the same percentage as last time, lower the reps (10 down to 8) but increase the about of sets. Make sure you keep a full ROM and keep the tempo. Make adjustments to prioritze this! Close-Grip Bench Press (4x8 @ 60-65% of 1RM; Tempo 30X1) Each set begins every 2:30 Metcon This one is meant to be a bit longer. Try to take the first row at an 80-85% pace. From there the weight for the push press should be something that you can do in 1-2 sets. Don't go so heavy that you have to break them up into sets of 2-3. Be smart here. For the toes to bar try to challenge yourself as long as you can. The burpees should be at an average pace. Kill the last row. #BTTW Metcon (Time) For Time:

50 Calorie Row

Immediately Into:

5 Rounds:

10 Push Press, 135/95

10 Toes to Bar

10 Burpee to 6" Target

Immediately Into:

50 Calorie Row Extra Work Get that SWOLE on with this extra work. Choose weights and modifications that allow for proper movement and FULL ROM. A.1: Weighted Push-ups (2x10; Rest 30 seconds) A.2: JM Press (2x10; Rest 60 seconds) Check out this video for a JM Press