Wednesday Fitness South Jersey

Strength *Moved the workout that was up earlier to this Friday due to some potential thunderstorms

Today we are going to test out our deadlift and our broad jump. The broad jump is to see our hip extension power and we can compare that to our loaded hip extension in our deadlift. I want all good reps here. No cat backs. Make sure you take some good warm-up sets then rest 3-4 minutes before your final pull. I know we haven't done this specific movement in a bit but I think you will see some results from our sumo deadlifts and our olympic lifts. Have fun and be smart! Broad jump (Distance) 3x max distance Deadlift (Build to 1RM) Metcon Our test today is a 2000m row. We will go over some rowing technique in our warm-up to make sure we are prepared techincally. This is a tricky row beacuse you don't want to burn out so start at around an 80-85% pace. Try to maintain it the entire row until then end. You can keep track by looking at you /500m time. Consistency is what we are looking for here! 2k Row (Time) Max Effort 2k Row #wor