Wednesday fun

Skill AMRAP 8 (Don't rush the movements, focus on solid positioning throughout)

Press to wall or Kick to handstand x 3-4 reps

Inchworm + hollow hold x 3

Kipping Swing or Slow butterfly circles x 5-7 Strength A.1: Kipping Pull-ups (3x6-10 reps) -Use hardest variation able

- Can do butterfly pull-ups here

-If 10 is easy do a set where you come close to failure and try to keep the same number of reps each set A.2: Kipping Handstand Push-up (3x6-10) - If you can't perform kipping variations, perform strict reps or wall facing HSPU variations.

-Increase reps or go to deficit if you can do 3x10 easy Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps) 12 minute AMRAP

10 meter backwards crawl

20 meter kettlebell farmer's carry

30 double unders Extra Work a: Turkish Get Up (3x4/side) b: Handstand Wall Floats (3x5 floats (5 second float)) c: Ring Dips (3x10 (1 second pause at top and bottom of dip)) #workoutoftheday