Joanne Ferrara

Woolwich, NJ

In September of 2016, I took a leap of faith and walked into CrossFit Hideout with no experience in CrossFit and limited connections to the people working out behind the door.  And although I didn’t have experience, or relationships, I did have one thing that I shared with the people inside the building, I had a personal goal of changing my lifestyle and becoming fit again.  Abby Graham and Dana Heinsen, owners of CrossFit Hideout, welcomed me on Day 1, and (through their coaching) helped me reach and continue to stretch my fitness goals.  They have created a community of fitness, personal strength, support, and motivation.  They listen, teach, personally engage, and care about each of their members.  Their leadership, encouragement, inspiration and inclusiveness, is the reason I keep walking through CrossFit Hideout’s door each and every day.

Beth Curtis

Woodbury Heights, NJ

When I contacted Crossfit Hideout in January 2016, I was overweight, out of shape and scared that I would not be able to do CrossFit at all.  From my initial contact to set up my trial session to that first night at Hideout, Abby and Dana were welcoming, professional and genuinely cared that I succeed.  The community that they have built at Hideout is a true reflection of them -- caring, inclusive and fun.  The workouts are challenging but the coaches and the community get your through them.  In addition to reaching my health and fitness goals (and maintaining them a year later), Hideout has introduced me to an amazing group of supportive and fun people that I am proud to have as my friends.  I have gained so much since I joined this community -- my health, friendships and an amazing sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Bill McNamme

Woolwich, NJ

I started at CrossFit HideOut when they first opened in December 2015 and I immediately became hooked. CrossFit HideOut is not your typical gym – you have a support group that helps you with every workout and constantly pushing you to become your best. You are not just working out with the members, you create long-lasting friendships. The coaches care about each and every member and will help you every step of the way. Even if you are having a rough day, you can come to HideOut and enjoy yourself throughout the duration of class. Another reason why HideOut stands out as one of the best is because the coaches stress upon positive reinforcement – meaning you leave your ego at the door and encourage those around you. I couldn’t be any happier with the friendships I’ve made, PRs I’ve hit, and mental toughness I’ve achieved. I highly recommend you stop by CrossFit HideOut to see for yourself how Abby and Dana have built such a strong, supportive, and amazing community. 

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